IG Ads VS FB Ads Before you answer, here are 5 factors to consider:

Your Target Audience

Just like every other marketing stunt, you will be pulling, you need to consider your target audience in this space. If your thought is “It’s the same set of people on Facebook that are also on Instagram, you are absolutely correct and absolutely wrong at the same time. We dare to say you are only 1% correct and 99% wrong hahaha.

In determining where your audience are located, you need to understand their different mindset while they are swooshing and sliding from one social app together. Let’s take, for example, a 35-year-old who has a Facebook account and is ready to act like a 55-year-old while on Facebook. The mind is ready to read articles, tolerate lower quality images and videos and in fact, the attention span is longer while on Facebook. This same person while switching to Instagram automatically tends to behave like a gen-z, and wants flashy images, short writeups, shorter videos, and more suiting content. This is not a coincidence as different social media were built with different objectives and it is just normal for your audience to psychologically adapt while interacting with these platforms, these adaptations, however, are not conscious but you get the point haha.

Yes yes, I can read your mind, and what you thinking is: so…is it a bad idea to run the same ad materials on Facebook and Instagram? Well… the answer is maybe. When dealing with social media, make sure your materials are tailored for each platform, of course, there are times when your wizardry comes up with good content that suits each platform. What we will advise is for you to create your content with Instagram in mind, it will or should automatically fit into facebook’s mindset… focus on “should” cos nothing is a given but yeah you get the point.


Ah yes, the reach. Reach should get you rich if you have more of it, just kidding. If you intend to have a dinosaur size of reach, I won’t waste your time, head straight to Facebook. Again, it depends on your product or service. For example, an NGO or a political ad should focus more on Facebook in terms of reach while a Luxury or Clothing brand should focus on getting more reach on Instagram. Reach is always a game of budget, the more money you have to spend, the higher your reach but let’s say you are broke like me running on a lean budget, Facebook is our friend for now.


Facebook ads are generally cheaper than Instagram generally considering all metrics, however, conversions should be your major focus when thinking of this platform and in relation to your brand and its goals. For certain brands, you might spend more on Facebook and not meet your goal, and spend the same amount on IG and hit some milestones. I won’t necessarily want you to consider cost as a prime measure, rather, consider your brand objectives and audience then uses this to maximize your cost per result.

Ad Types and Formats

Generally speaking, Instagram has more formats that attract conversions than Facebook… I mean obviouslyyyyyy! We talking of flexibility, variations, and olofdat. Although Facebook and Instagram are beginning to look alike in terms of formats, they both have their advantages unique to them. So, on this score sheet, we give this out in favor of Instagram, no you can’t question us.

Audience and Demographics,

In this case, ain’t nobody taking this away from facebook hahaha. Naaa when it comes to data and details, a senior will always be a senior. Facebook ads is rich in specifics demography, audience detailing, and more features that will swoop you off. However, there of course light at the end of the tunnel. Instagram now has access to these features with Facebook ads manager, you can run as detailed targeting as Facebook on Instagram. However, there is always a catch, you must run the ads on Facebook also hahaha nice one Zuckerberg.

In general, both platforms are a good fit to help you get started on building your sales funnel. In the next article, we will walk you through some secrets not even Zuckerberg will tell you concerning Facebook and Instagram ads. The Nitro121 digital team took these platforms to a new level of expertise and we are breaking ground every day in building brands and raising the dead. Let’s do the heavy lifting for you while you don’t have to read the next articles haha. Before the next article, don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comment.. *blows powder**


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