Brand Management

Brand building is a favourite engagement at Nitro 121. We take pride in sculpting the brand to live out its essence and visions and inspire target audiences to go on a journey together. We undertake Brand building, Brand Authorship, Brand Architecture, and Brand Toolkits

Strategy Development

Some brands thrive on the rules and restrictions of their market and others veer off-course to stand out from the rest of the pack. We know how to navigate either of these categories with a Through-the-Line marketing approach that sees us gear-shifting from Above-the-line to Below-the-Line in a bid all so we can reach your target audience most effectively

Creative Development

We ideate when we create. Developing themes and stories that draw from concepts around us. Ensuring that a simple story is exactly that – Simple. With simplicity we communicate a brand’s strategic vision, ensuring that at the heart of brand communication is the business of connecting people to goods and services.

Digital Marketing

We know the consumer journey, from iPhone to iShop, ensuring visibility at every point and providing brands with the platforms to interact and engage with the target market from digital strategy, content creation, social media management, Influencer marketing & web/app development.

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